Today is a good day to dry...

The sun is bright, temperature 's around 20 degrees, a cute gentlee breeze swings my laundry back and forth, the 22-year old Malice in Wonderland album on Winamp is surprisingly enjoyable, looks like spring at last. Working from home, thanx to the general strike, is the cherry on top.

It's things like that that make life in Yunanistan bearable and, no point denying it, very pleasant at times. It's an argument the government has mysteriously failed to use in its fight (oh yes, it's a fight) against society.

It has been proven that sunshine increases the production of serotonin, improving people's mood to put it simply and shortly. Sure we're getting paid less, sure we're working more, sure we're up to our asses in garbage (and that's on the 3rd floor), but


That's worth something, ain't it? To quote Jimmakos,

"Το Κόμμα πουλάει κρατικό οξυγόνο"

that sort of thing.

Anyway, having concluded this lazy, dimeworthless political point, let's just hope spring lasts a couple of months before the fiery death of summer...